Cardinals Tickets in More Demand for This Season

The 2011 season is finally upon us. The next time the team takes the field will be for real and we all are excited to see if the off season moves will finally pay off. The Acquisition of Kevin Kolb is either going to be a brilliant move or a big mistake. I for one feel that it will be looked back on as a great move and put the Cardinals back into the playoffs for the next few years and possibly give them a chance to get back to the Super Bowl. Now, I don’t necessarily think this will happen immediately, but will in the very near future. It does take some time to gel as a team and with the fact that the trade to get Kevin was put on hold for a few months because of the lockout, will hurt the Cardinals as much if not more than any other team. The one position that the lockout effects the most is Quarterback and the teams that didn’t have a veteran in place during the off season.

Fans feel a sense of excitement going in to this first game with the Carolina Panthers and actually know that they have a chance to compete in every game they play this season, which is something they didn’t have last year. With the resigning of Larry Fitzgerald, the new quarterback, and some defensive upgrades, especially their first round draft pick, the team brings a high power offense and tough defense to the table. Lets hope the team can stay away from injuries and have a little luck on their side this year. If things work out, the Arizona Cardinals will be back in the playoffs this year with a bright future in front of them and the team knows Cardinals Tickets will be in greater demand than ever.